INVITATION FROM THE MAYOR Mayor Kelvin Buck – Holly Springs, MS

Mayor Kelvin BuckGreetings,

Welcome to the home of one of our greatest heroes for justice, Ida B. Wells Barnett.  Holly Springs has long been one of the bedrocks for history in the State of Mississippi and the nation.  Some of the most significant events in history occurred here in our city. The rich history and culture of this town has been recorded in numerous publications.  to go along with this magnificent history are persons such as the inspirational Ida B. Wells-Barnett.  She was indeed a committed Activist and prominent Journalist whose courage transcended the challenges of the time.  Her efforts to end some of the atrocities of the era paved the way for so many to live lives of freedom that today we so often take for granted.

Rust College has long been a part of this legacy that Ida B. Wells-Barnett helped establish and today we celebrate both the persistence of this fine institution and the contributions of this champion for justice.  It is my pleasure as Mayor of this great city to invite you to enjoy  your visit to this historic place.


Kelvin O. Buck